Contracting Excellence

Maximizing business value throughout the contract lifecycle

Commercial contracts are the lifeline of a company – they are sources of both cost and revenue. In the lifecycle of a contract, companies can address common challenges to increase its revenue and reduce its costs through its commercial contracts.

Contract Lifecycle and Common Challenges

Institutional guidance for reviewing and negotiating contracts

Tracking of each party’s obligations and exercising rights in a contract

Database for executed contracts and analytics

Collaboration amongst cross-functional teams

Realizing value and intent of contract

Compliance management of obligations

Tracking of risks and costs in a contract

Achieving Contracting Excellence


Transform your contracting legal team from a cost centre to a profit centre

Our Solutions

Partner with us in your journey to contracting excellence. We will help you build a center for
contracting excellence with solutions that are bespoke and customized to your needs.

Excellence Portal

Build all things and tools required from a contract’s initiation to its signing – templates, playbooks, contracting policies and approval workflows, etc

Contract Information
Repository & MIS

Create a repository of all contract data with customized dashboards for data analytics – to track benefits and value in contracts, along with forecasting risks

Leakage Calculator

Identify the areas that compromise the value of your key contracts – Measure and track this metric to maximize and realize revenue from such contracts

Contract Compliance Management

Track your compliances to ensure no missed obligations or contract dates – also track other party’s compliance to realize the full value and intent of the contract

Contract Lifecycle Management

Set up a centralized location for all contracting requests and automate your contract processes with configurable workflows based on your dynamic business needs

Workflow and
Process Automation

Assess your specific needs and improve your existing software tools – else, we will design, build and implement solutions on your technologies itself.

Legal Solutions (MLS)

Outsource your contract drafting, review or negotiation requests to our experts specialized in commercial contracts and experienced in anchoring high value deals

Building Training

Improve your internal resources’ capability with skill based training sessions that are designed specifically for your legal team’s function


The world is an ecosystem of contracts - make yourselves a better world

Connect with us today to know how our metrics-driven solutions can deliver impactfull changes in your business!

Why Lawmetrik

Your journey to contracting excellence with us will transform your legal function

We will achieve many ‘quick wins’ as partners in your journey to contracting excellence

Our dynamic and multi-disciplinary team will study your needs and design customized solutions

Our solutions are designed and implemented on our clients’ available technologies

With us, you are better equipped to build a ‘contracting excellence’ mindset

World is an ecosystem of contracts -make yourselves a better world

Connect with us today to know how our metrics-driven solutions can deliver impactful change in your business!

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