Managed Legal Solutions

Flexible Solutions to optimize Legal Operations
Managed Legal Solutions (MLS) are outsourcing solutions involving end-to-end delivery of services in Legal Performance Areas

Streamlined Legal Operations with Peak Efficiency
and Process Excellence


Cost Control and Predictability

Vendor can absorb reasonable volume variations

Focus on Strategic Work

In-house team to handle only high value strategic work

Reduced Management Overhead

Smaller in-house teams


Manage volume variations within time constraints
Uninterrupted Service

Uninterrupted Service

No impact of leave or attrition

KPI-based Continuous Improvement & Value Addition

Measure performance and use best practices for ongoing improvement

Our MLS Solutions & Approach

MLS For Contracts

MLS provides a cost-effective alternative to adding headcount for end-to-end delivery of repeatable contracts.

MLS For Compliance

MLS for Corporate Secretarial and other routine compliance operations.

MLS For Other Legal Areas

MLS for process and documentation support for legal operations in employment, IPR and disputes

Flexible Commercial Models


Hourly Rate​


Monthly Rate​​

Unit Work Rate​​

Unit Work Rate​​

Milestone-based Billing​​

Milestone-based Billing​​

Build Operate Transfer ​​

Build Operate Transfer ​​

Why Lawmetrik?

Our Capabilities, Our Expertise, Your Excellence

Ability to takeover end-to-end outsourcing of a legal function

Act seamlessly as an extended arm of in-house legal teams

Capabilities of a Law Firm, service orientation of an Outsourcing Service Provider

Collaboration amongst cross-functional teams

Metric-based approach and extensive knowledge assets

Tech savvy across platforms

Tracking of risks and costs in a contract

Proficient and motivated teams as we invest in our people

Adaptability, Agility & Flexibility

Do you need a solution that gives you the peace of mind with predictability, expertise on demand and focus on your business?

Connect with us today to know how our MLS offering can deliver impactful change in your business!